Annual report 2015: EKF's pace of growth slows – a healthy sign

Last year EKF Denmark's Export Credit Agency secured more than 12,000 jobs in Denmark and orders for Danish companies worth DKK 26 billion. EKF expects growth to continue in 2016 though at a slower pace.

An increasing number of Danish export companies walk through our door. According to our 2015 annual report, EKF has almost 700 customers and has issued new guarantees worth DKK 14.1 billion in 2015. EKF’s net profit for the year was DKK 417 million.

”Since the financial crisis growth in EKF has followed a steep upward-sloping curve. It is our impression that the banks themselves are beginning to take on more risk, which is a healthy sign. This is why we believe in continued growth but at a slower pace”, says Anette Eberhard, CEO of EKF.

The influx of new customers in 2015 was 9%, especially among small and medium-sized enterprises whereas the annual influx of new customers had been around 20% for the past five years.
​Cooperation with the Danish banks was a focus area in EKF in 2015. EKF was the driving force behind an ambitious training programme for 160 business advisors from the Danish bank sector. The objective of the training was to make them even better equipped to advise Danish export companies.

The best in the world to finance green energy
Windfarm projects were once again EKF´s largest business area, however, biomass power plants also came into strong focus in 2015 involving new guarantees worth more than DKK 3 billion. For a number of years EKF has been the one export credit agency in the world who has financed most green energy.

Climate friendly technologies account for approximately 2/3 of the total amount of DKK 52.9 billion guaranteed by EKF

Read the annual report here