EKF hires new Chief Commercial Officer to ensure better financing for Danish export

From 1 January, one of the strongest profiles from the Danish financial sector will take up the position as Chief Commercial Officer and member of management at EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency.

Tine Lundegaard comes from a position as Head of Sustainability and IR at Jyske Bank and she has previously worked at Danske Bank, Nordea, PFA and Maersk for several years. And in every case with focus on customers, employees and strong financial solutions.

“Exports are the foundation for the Danish economy, and EKF plays a crucial part in securing the best competitive financial terms for Danish companies. With such a fundamentally important task this was an offer I couldn’t refuse”, says Tine Lundegaard.

Four in five of EKF’s customers are small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs typically face difficulties obtaining loans from the banks, however, with a guarantee from EKF the banks are far more willing to finance the SMEs’ internationalisation. Also in large Danish companies’ experience, the ability to offer credit has increasingly become a competitive parameter.

Tine Lundegaard will be developing solutions for small as well as large export companies.

”Danish companies in the renewable energy sector make up more than 70 per cent of EKF’s portfolio, and EKF plays a crucial role in supporting the export of Danish sustainable solutions. At the same time, we have an important job helping small and medium-sized enterprises in their internationalisation efforts. This is where Tine will play a vital role”, says Kirstine Damkjær, CEO of EKF.

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