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Learn more about CSR concepts

CSR encompasses many different concepts relating to environmental and social impact. On this page we have put together some information that may offer you a better insight.

Classification of export projects as A, B or C projects

Classification follows the OECD's Common Approaches. The three categories are described in brief below.

Category A: Projects that potentially have a high environmental or social impact. These impacts may be diverse, irreversible or unforeseen. The category also includes projects in sensitive sectors and projects in or near sensitive areas.

Category B: Projects that potentially have a lower environmental or social impact than projects in Category A. Category B projects typically have fewer impacts, impacts are site-specific, and there are only a few or no irreversible impacts. It is also easier to initiate remedial measures.

Category C: Projects that potentially have a minimal environmental or social impact or none at all.

Checklist for EKF's documentation requirements

EKF requests the following documents when you apply for financing for an export transaction:

  • Analyses of environmental and social impact or an assessment of the impact on the environment, if a separate assessment of environmental consequences has been
  • Analyses of social consequences, if such an analysis is separate from the assessment of environmental consequences.
  • Documentation describing the overall plan for the project and construction, including a plan for management of health and safety as well as a list of the project's contractors and the framework for employee conditions. 

Recommendation on environmental and social impact

The CSR recommendation describes the environmental and social conditions that the project will affect. The recommendation also covers any deficiencies in the project relative to international standards and agreements. It also outlines how the company should deal with these deficiencies if EKF is to finance the project.

CSR action plan

The CSR action plan (environmental and social action plan) describes the initiatives and actions that are necessary in order for the project to comply with the international standards and agreements relating to CSR. Each action has a deadline commensurate with the loan agreement process.