Liquidity Guarantee for SME's
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Finance your SME-company with a Liquidity Guarantee

Has your business been impacted by the corona crisis, and do you need liquidity from your bank to cover your company's expenses?

EKF is mandated to support the many Danish exporters struggling with liquidity problems in that their earnings decrease while they still have to meet supplier and payroll costs. With a Liquidity Guarantee, you have better prospects during the crisis. Under a liquidity guarantee, EKF covers 80% of any bank loss on new lines of credit extended to secure exporter liquidity.

What we offer

You can secure credit from your bank when it requests additional security.
You gain the liquidity you need to cover your current expenses.
You gain a stable financing plan.

Requirements for your business

Your company’s export trade must account for at least 10% of total turnover in your most recent financial statements. Export trade also includes sales to Danish export firms or to foreign tourists.
Your business has suffered or expects to suffer a decline in revenue of at least 30% as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Your company must be creditworthy.
Your business must be conducted in an environmentally sound and socially responsible manner.

How a Liquidity Guarantee works

A Liquidity Guarantee helps you finance your company's current operating expenses if your earnings decrease as a result of the corona crisis.

We assume the majority of your bank's risk, and with our backing, it is more attractive for your bank to grant you a credit facility.
The process

How to access a Liquidity Guarantee

To fødevareproducenter i kitel står ved et samlebånd.

You need increased liquidity

EKF ansat gennemgår dokumenter med sin kollega.

Your bank requests additional security

Your bank would like to give you a line of credit, but wants security in case anything goes wrong. We can provide that security.


The paperwork

The application for a Liquidity Guarantee must be made by your bank. In support of the application, your bank will ask you to complete a company declaration.

The bank sends the documents to us, and we then run a credit rating check on your company.

Ikon for Købsaftale i EKF's rød og blå farve

We send an offer

If we agree to guarantee the credit, we send an offer to your bank. Your bank contacts you.

Tømre beskærer træplanker


You and your bank accept the offer, and your bank asks us to issue a Liquidity Guarantee.


Your credit is available

We issue your Liquidity Guarantee, and you get your credit with the bank.

Relevant documents

Contact an advisor
Chief Underwriter Per Holm Lynglund

Any questions about Liquidity Guarantee?

If so, call or write Per Holm Lynglund on telephone +45 3546 2643 or e-mail