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Export Loan

Realise projects abroad with a loan from EKF

You are looking at a project abroad, and your customer needs to obtain a long-term loan in order for the project to be implemented. But the banks either cannot or will not provide a loan, and the project is in danger of collapsing. This is where EKF can step in with an Export Loan for the project to finance the whole project or part of the project. This can pave the way for other investors to offer additional loans. Your company is not a party to the financing, and can realise the project without financial risk.

What we offer

Opportunity to realise long-term projects.
Potential for effective, flexible financing.
Attractive financing in various currencies.
Long-term financing for up to 18 years.

Requirements for your business

We have to rate your foreign customer's project as creditworthy.
A bank must be involved for the practical aspects of financing.
The mandatory credit period is a minimum of two years.
Your business must be conducted on an environmentally sound and socially responsible basis.
Your company must help to generate economic growth in Denmark.

How an Export Loan works

With an Export Loan, EKF provides a loan directly to the project or project owner in the foreign country, allowing the project to place orders with your company.

We can offer Export Loans to both large projects such as cement plants, wind farms and infrastructure, and smaller projects such as equipment for agriculture and industry.

The mandatory credit period is a minimum of two years. On the other hand, we can offer repayment terms of up to 15 years, and 18 years, if the projects involve-renewable energy. Your company is not involved in the loan. EKF handles the dialogue with the borrower.

The process

How to get an Export Loan

Skibsskrue til et industriskib

You need to obtain long-term financing

You have a potential order from a project in a foreign country with a long-term financing horizon. But the project's owner is unable to obtain financing to buy from you.

Ikon for risiko i EKF's rød og blå farve

The project's bank does not want to be involved

The bank believes that the risk is too high, the term is too long, or the loan amount is too large, and does not want to be involved in financing.

Ikon af kreditvurdering i EKF's rød og blå farve

We run a credit rating check on the project

You contact EKF, and we run a credit rating check on the project and project owner. This includes a CSR screening. If the loan amount is over DKK 25 million, a more in-depth CSR assessment will be required.

How we work with CSR
Ikon for rådgiver i EKF's rød og blå farve

Dialogue with the Borrower and bank

Once we have agreed to the Export Loan, we discuss the terms and conditions directly with the Borrower and bank.


Offer and paperwork

We send a price indication together with loan terms and conditions to the Borrower´s bank and the foreign buyer.

Ikon af finansiering i EKF's rød og blå farve

And we’re done

We pay the loan amount to the project owner's bank, and the project can then buy goods or services from you. We handle the ongoing dialogue regarding the loan directly with the borrower.

The small print for the Export Loan

Contact an advisor
Senior Underwriter Søren Abildgaard

Any questions about Export Loans?

Call or write to Søren Abildgaard, Senior Underwriter on telephone +45 3546 2647 or e-mail