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Operating Lease Guarantee

Enable your foreign customer to lease equipment

If your foreign customer is only going to use your equipment for a limited period, you can offer them the option of leasing the equipment rather than buying it. This can be a convincing argument if the customer is not interested in owning the equipment. Apart from securing a revenue for your company, an Operating Lease Guarantee can also ensure that you are compensated for any loss, if the customer does not pay the lease as agreed.

What we offer

You have an opportunity to gain an export revenue even if the customer does not want to buy your equipment.
The leasing solution is flexible.
Suitable for short-term agreements.
If your customer does not pay as agreed, EKF compensates the main part of your loss.

Requirements for your business

Your equipment must be suitable for leasing.
You must know the rules regarding VAT and leasing in the relevant country.
Your customer must pay at least 15 per cent of the order amount in advance.
Your business must be conducted on an environmentally sound and socially responsible basis.
Your company must help to generate economic growth in Denmark.

How an Operating Lease Guarantee works

EKF issues a guarantee to you so you can lease your equipment to your foreign customer.

Your customer pays a monthly lease for the equipment. The lease payment ends when the agreement expires, and your customer returns the equipment. ​Then you can lease out the equipment again.

If your customer is unable or unwilling to pay the lease, we compensate  the main part of your loss. This reduces your risk to a minimum.

The guarantee also paves the way for income that you would otherwise have missed out on,  it benefits both you and your customer.

The process

How to get an Operating Lease Guarantee

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You want to lease equipment to a customer in a foreign country

Your foreign customer only needs your equipment for a short period, e.g. a couple of years. They are therefore unwilling to buy the equipment. Instead, you offer a lease agreement and win the order.

EKF ansat gennemgår dokumenter med sin kollega.

You want to insure yourself against loss

You are uncertain whether your customer can or will pay the lease for the entire period, so you want to insure yourself against loss. You contact EKF.

Ikon af kreditvurdering i EKF's rød og blå farve

We run a credit rating check on your export transaction

You ask EKF for an Operating Lease Guarantee. However, first of all, we need to run a credit rating check on your customer, and also ensure that you are aware of the rules regarding VAT and leasing in the relevant country. We will also carry out a CSR screening. If the guarantee amount is over DKK 25 million, a more in-depth CSR assessment will be required. You also complete and sign the relevant documents.

How we work with CSR Relevant documents for the Operating Lease Guarantee
Ikon for Købsaftale i EKF's rød og blå farve


We send you an offer setting out the coverage, price and conditions.

Ikon af eksport i EKF's rød og blå farve

And we're done

We then issue the guarantee, which covers most of your loss if your customer does not keep to the lease agreement.

The small print and relevant documents

Contact an advisor
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Any questions about Operating Lease Guarantees?

If so, call or write to Chief Underwriter Kenneth Plum on telephone +45 3546 2614 or e-mail

Does an Operating Lease Guarantee not cover your needs?