Financing your wind transactions with EKF

EKF Denmark´s Export Credit Agency leads the world in wind financing. We have financed onshore and offshore wind farms all over the world for 20 years. Our many years of experience and our knowledge about the field makes us a main collaborator.

Let EKF establish your wind farm

Establishing a wind farm can be a complex matter for a number of reasons, however, financing does not have to be one of them. In cooperation with EKF you can obtain financing for your wind project whether you choose a financing model based on corporate risk or in the form of project financing. We have taken part in a variety of financing constellations, displaying flexibility in the pursuit of the most optimal solution.

We can offer guarantees covering a significant part of your wind transaction. This can speed up the negotiations and ensure that the financing, and in the end, the project, will be realised.

Projects worth several billion Danish kroner

EKF is one of the world´s most experienced financial partners within wind financing. Since our first wind transaction in 1998, we have participated in the financing of more than 100 wind farms all over the world, worth a total of more than DKK 100 billion. We have participated in the financing of Africa´s largest wind farm in Kenya, participated in a large share of the offshore projects in the North Sea and participated in the financing of a number of wind farms in Europe, Australia as well as in South and Central America, among others.

Four reasons to involve EKF in connection with financing

  • ​ EKF is the leading player in the market: ​We are the world´s leading export credit agency within wind energy. Over a period of 10 years, we have been involved in approximately 60% of the total wind financing covered by export credit agencies worldwide. Our long-standing experience and insight into the area have made us a central business partner.​

  • EKF takes big tickets: We are normally the ones among the syndicated lenders who carries the biggest risk, often assuming a greater risk than the banks. We enter into repayment agreements based on fixed terms that ensures financial predictability throughout the tenor of the loan.

  • EKF has an extensive network: We are in contact with two of the largest turbine producers in the global market and a large number of sub-suppliers from the wind industry. We have worked closely with banks, developers, sponsors and advisors from the industry worldwide, including the European Investment Bank (EIB), who has participated in several of our business transactions.

  • EKF assumes the risk even in challenging markets: ​We are willing to take a risk and participate in business transactions even in challenging markets where the banks are less accommodating.

Onshore wind cases

Offshore wind cases