As of 1 April 2023, EKF has been merged into Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund (EIFO). The website will therefore be closed soon. Please note that some of the content of the website may be outdated. Instead, we refer to or our Customer Centre, phone no. +45 70 60 49 60.

Finance your purchase from Denmark

Purchase Danish goods and services, and benefit from stable, long-term financing at competitive rates. Danish suppliers offer a diverse range of goods and services. With help from EKF, these highly capable suppliers can also help you finance your purchase.

Secure your financing

If you need long-term financing to buy goods or services from a Danish company, EKF, together with a bank, can help you arrange financing from the supplier. 

Or, if you plan to purchase goods or services from various Danish companies, we may be able to arrange a shopping line covering multiple contracts. This enables you to make purchases from multiple Danish suppliers with the peace of mind that the financing is already in place.

We participate in both small and large transactions. In both cases, you will be offered a competitive financing deal once you are covered by our AAA-guarantee to back your credit.

Financing to international buyers of Danish goods and services is primarily used in connection with purchases of capital goods and with credit periods of six months and above.

EKF can help you if you are looking to

Buy Danish goods and services.
Secure a credit to go with your purchase.
Benefit from a stable stable financing solution at competitive rates.

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How much?

EKF charges a premium for the guarantee. The size of the premium depends on your country, credit-worthiness, currency, general market conditions and the repayment term.
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